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Race your car around the track and destroy opponents using powerful weapons in this arcade racing game

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When it comes to racing games, there are two ways to approach the gameplay, both of which can be successful if done right. Hence, you can choose the simulation path and try to make the races feel as real as possible to the drivers, or disregard reality entirely and make everything arcade, with crazy jumps, nitro boosts, and a variety of other fun stuff.

A lot of fun with guns and explosions on top

Gas Guzzlers Extreme takes the term ‘arcade’ and laughs in its face, because calling this game arcade is putting it mildly. In essence, this is what would happen if you combined Death Race with FlatOut, Burnout, and Quake, together with responsive controls, a variety of game modes, and a good-looking graphics engine to make everything look shiny as well.

To start off with, you can get acquainted with everything there is to know by trying out the campaign mode, which allows you to start slowly and learn the basics. However, the races quickly get rather challenging and you really need to put a bit of effort into staying alive most of the time, because the AI is quite skilled. Hence, you get to win races, unlock new cars, and have some fun the process.

Pick up powerups and use rockets to eliminate the competition

As you might have guessed, guns are a big part of the gameplay, because every car comes fitted with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun. Hence, the cars can get annihilated if they take enough damage, which is precisely the purpose in some of the game modes. However, since it does take a lot of hits to completely wreck an opponent, most of these attacks are used to slow them down.

In addition, wacky traps are part of the races as well, including oil stains to make the opponents slip and land mines to send them flying through the air. However, you can also pick up repair kits and fix your car, to make sure that you can finish the race in once piece. Speaking of which, the damage system is detailed and good-looking, although you probably won’t be able to see much, what with all the motion blur that covers the screen.

Adrenaline-infused gameplay to keep you entertained

All things considered, Gas Guzzlers Extreme should manage to surprise you and provide you with a good time, as long as you do not mind its arcade mechanics and the lighthearted approach to physics. Hence, this is definitely worthy of a try and it shouldn’t miss from your library if you are a racing fan.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 8th, 2015
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