sXe Injected Client

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This is a very useful tool that will prevent cheating on Counter-Strike servers in a simple manner







sXe Injected Client is a fairly small piece of software that allows you to make a big difference in the Counter-Strike online community by detecting cheats as well as preventing their installation.

The application provides CVARs, GlobalBan, Anti-SoundHack, Anti-SpeedHack, Anti-NoFlash, 16bpp Detection, LocalBan, Screenshots and Anti-WallHack all meant to make online playing much more enjoyable and first of all, fair for everyone.

Using sXe Injected Client, the information is transferred between the engine of the game and the mod, and if any hack is detected, the application steps in. With it you are able to prevent cheating in games that use the Half Life engine such as
Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike 1.5, Day of Defeat, Counter Strike Condition Zero, Team Fortress Classic, Natural Selection, Sven Co-op.

The app is easy to use, installs in a couple of seconds and allows you to set it to automatically run at startup.
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
sXe Injected Client - From the main window you can choose your default language.sXe Injected Client - You can choose new startup options from this window.

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