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A handy and easy to use emulator to play your favorite Nintendo DS or Game Boy games.

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A PC emulator is what you use to mimic the hardware and software mockup of an oldschool system such as a console so that you can play classic games from way back in the day. Emulators come in all shapes and sizes, and can mimic all kinds of systems but having to find individual solutions for different platforms can be a problem.

This is why WinDS PRO was created, to bring under one GUI the best emulators that can be found. With it you will be able to play games that were designed for anything from the Nintendo 64 to early Commodore systems.

Streamline graphical user interface that makes emulating accessible to anyone

WinDS PRO is built to be comprehensive and for this reason it provides tools and features that are well suited for both novice and advanced users. It comes with WinDS PRO and the WinDS PRO Apps, the two have the same core purpose but provide more or fewer tools, depending on the game file you want to emulate.

The default WinDS PRO interface offers a few of the best emulators that are available online. Those will be the ones you will probably use most often since they work with just about any game file. However, if you stumble on one that needs to use a specific emulator, from the WinDS PRO Apps, you can hand pick what you want.

If you can’t open it with WinDS PRO then either the file is broken or it wasn’t good to begin with

With WinDS PRO, you get access to emulators for Atari, Bandai, Commodore, NEC, Nintendo, Sega, SNK and Sony systems, and yes, for each one you have multiple devices and versions. If you’re not sure about which one works best, you can simply let WinDS PRO recognize the file, import it into the main app and then watch it do its job.

It’s very easy to load a game with WinDS PRO but once that happens, keep in mind that you will be put a face to face with the actual emulator. WinDS PRO is more like the interface between you, the game and the app that make the magic happen. Not to worry though, all emulators that are integrated into WinDS PRO automatically run the games so you should be good.

However, if you know your emulators, each one is ready and willing to be configured to match your needs.

The mecca emulator suites

On a closing note, WinDS PRO is something you really need to own if you have a habit of playing oldschool games. It’s easy to use, very practical and extremely effective. There’s very little it can’t do when it comes to emulating games for Nintendo, Atari, NEC, Sony and so on.

WinDS PRO was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 28th, 2015
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