Unity 4.6.1 / 4.6.1 Patch 5 / 5.0 Beta 21

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What's new in Unity 5.0 Beta 21:

  • Changes:
  • Editor: Reverted centering of lighting/sound/effects toggles in Scene View toolbar so that they are now back in left side like in 4.6 and earlier.
  • Physics: Expose contactOffset both global and per-shape. This comes to replace Physics.minPenetrationForPenalty that lost its original meaning with the upgrade to PhysX3. Contact offset is the value that directly affects the distance at which PhysX starts generating contacts; when the distance between colliders is less than the sum of their respective contact offsets the contacts are generated. The value is useful when you have fast moving ragdolls and observe the not physically correct behaviour of joints when the colliders they connect penetrate other collision geometry.
  • Physics: Expose projections on CharacterJoint to help with stretching of limbs. Joint projection is a technique that once enabled makes sure the joint constraints are not violated for more than a tolerance value by adjusting the connected bodies' pose so that they it is always within tolerance. This is not a physical process (it may loose energy) and comes with some performance cost, but can serve as a good last resort in challenging configurations where otherwise ragdolls explode or overstretch.
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Unity is a multiplatform game development tool, that was designed from the start to ease creation. A fully integrated professional application, Unity just happens to contain the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars.

Fully Integrated Editor

The Unity game engine is happily married to the Unity development environment. This tight integration allows the Editor to do everything a published game can do. The simple, visual, and intuitive nature of the Editor makes building games fun again.

Graphical Fidelity

Unity has a highly optimized graphics pipeline for both DirectX and OpenGL. Animated meshes, particle systems, advanced lighting and shadows, all will run blazing fast.

Unity's Asset Pipeline is Unmatched.
All major tools and file formats are supported, any art application can be used with Unity.

One-Click Deployment

Unity supports a wide range of publishing platforms, all available at the push of a single button.

Unity's shader system combines ease of use, flexibility and performance. All the built-in shaders integrate perfectly with any type of light, with cookies or without. If that's not enough you can write your own shaders in Unity's powerful ShaderLab language with Cg and GLSL.

Vast, densely foliaged landscapes that work smooth on low-end hardware. All that and they take up almost no disk space.

Take your single-player game and easily bring it online. Add some online high scores and chat. Create real-time networked multiplayer functionality. Unity supports all networking needs out of the box with little learning and even less effort.

Advanced Physics
Give your GameObjects life with the built-in Ageia PhysX Physics Engine. It's the world's most advanced physics engine and is used in games like Unreal Tournament 2007 and Ghost Recon 3.

Audio and Video
Mix realtime 3D graphics with streamed audio and video.

Best Of All Worlds
Unity supports three scripting languages: JavaScript, C#, and a dialect of Python called Boo. All three are equally fast and interoperate. All three can use the underlying .NET libraries which support databases, regular expressions, XML, file access and networking.

Unity Asset Server
The essence of game development is multi-disciplinary collaboration. The Unity Asset Server is an add-on product which adds version control to Unity.

Shadow and Light
Unity's provides a highly optimized lighting system with realtime shadows and baked lightmaps. Use shadow and light to great effect, without worrying about the gritty technical details.

Thorough Learning Materials
There is a wealth of support and knowledge to soak up. From User Guides to Scripting References to PDF Tutorials, it's easy to have all your questions answered. Not enough for you? Highly-active forums, IRC, and an open community wiki will get you the answers you need, every time.

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Last updated on January 26th, 2015


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