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A tool that is designed for Need for Speed: Undercover so you can edit your savegame fiel






Need for Speed: Undercover is another release in the Need for Speed series of racing simulation games that brings the biggest open world map created so far.

This time, you play as an undercover cop who has to infiltrate the illegal street racing scene from your city in order to get close to the leaders of organized crime. Throughout the game you will have to participate in races in each of the four boroughs to gain rep so you can achieve your goal.

Car damage is brought back to the game but it is made to be purely cosmetic as crashing your car won't cause any mechanical problems to it. In this game cop cars will start to pursue you according to your wheelman level and not the heat level. This means that at a high wheelman level, federal cars will immediately start to pursue you regardless of heat rank.

Using this lightweight piece of software you will be able to edit savegame data. Once you load the save file into it, you can enter a custom amount of money you want to have and you can also unlock all shops and career events and mark the latter as completed. Moreover, it's also possible to edit driver skills.
Last updated on August 7th, 2010
Need for Speed: Undercover Save Editor - screenshot #1

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