TorchED (Torchlight Editor)

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This is the Torchlight SDK (editor) that will allow you to create your own mods







TorchED the Torchlight’s own level editor where you can create your own mods

TorchED (short for “The Torchlight Editor”) is the tool set used to build Torchlight. It will be released as a free download slightly after the release of Torchlight due to a legal issue involving its previous name, Preditor and some additional finishing touches. The name became official after forum member heron suggested it and the majority of forum members unofficially voted for TorchED to be the new name of the editor. Jason Beck has deemed it “official” unless said otherwise for legal purposes.

It is a “unified tool that does all sorts of stuff like level design, particle creation, and unit (monster, items, etc) editing” and is the actual tool used by the Runic Games team to make Torchlight.

Putting together levels and new units should be simple, but more complex features, such as developing new 3D assets, may require some experience in the field.

torchED is using an Ogre mesh file format, so a number of different modeling programs will be supported.

Runicgames plans to release their own in-house tool set, called TorchED, to allow modding to be extremely flexible.
Last updated on November 22nd, 2010
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