Test Drive Unlimited - Complete Savegame

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This is a complete savegame for Test Drive Unlimited that unlocks all cars and upgrades






Test Drive Unlimited is an open world driving simulator that lets you experience how it is to drive over a hundred famous sports cars and motorcycles. The environment is designed to replicate the O'ahu island of Hawaii and provides over one thousand miles of roads.

The game can be played in both single-player and multilayer modes, in the latter, you are able to race other players, as well as undertake various challenges. Since some don't want to waste time in playing the game in the standard way in order to unlock all the cars, packages such as this one were created to make things a lot easier.

Installing Test Drive Unlimited - Complete Savegame you are able to edit your existing profiles from the career mode in order to obtain access to all the cars and upgrades.

Make sure you always keep a backup of your savegames files because this program is distributed "AS IS" which means that the author can't be held responsible for any damage done to your savefiles or any other kind of accidents that occur due to the (probably wrong) use of that program.
Last updated on March 29th, 2007
Test Drive Unlimited - Complete Savegame - screenshot #1Test Drive Unlimited - Complete Savegame - screenshot #2

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