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Create a custom AI castle and edit in-game text for Stronghold Crusader using these three tools





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Stronghold Crusader Community Tools is a pack that contains three tools which have been used by the game developers themselves and are also released to you so you can personally enhance your Stronghold Crusader experience.

The first tool is the AIV Editor which allows you to build entire castles exactly how you want while also allowing AI to function with them. The tool provides a top view and all the items neatly sorted in specific categories. All you need to do is select the objects or buildings and place them where you want them to be.

Once the castle is built, you can save it and replace its .aiv file with one that already exists in the game. After that, while playing, you can see the AI building your model of the castle.

The second tool is the Text Compiler Tool which can be used to modify any of the text that exists in the game. Note that the application only allows you to modify existing lines of text, new ones can not be added.

Finally, the third tool, BMP to TGX Converter allows you to convert any BMP file you have in the app folder into a TGX file that can be used in the game.
Last updated on April 1st, 2009
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