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Streamlet WarKey (xlWarKey) is a tool to make key mapping in Warcraft 3.






Streamlet WarKey (xlWarKey) is a tool to make key mapping and to show HP in Warcraft 3. Comparing with the similar softwares, Streamlet WarKey has the following advantages:
1. Do not need to remenber key codes. Easy and intuitive.
2. First to have multi-solution feature among similar softwares. You could switch to whichever solution seamlessly.
3. Simple and nice UI, proper options, easy to use.
4. Developed in C++, run faster, require less resources.
5. Recognize chatting smartly, will not disturb typing.
5. Map one key to several keys. Show yourself in game.

Currently there are many similar tools over the Internet. Streamlet WarKey focuses on usability. This is a smart tool for Warcraft 3 players.

This software does not contains any Map-Hack feature. We will not put any Map-Hack feature into Streamlet WarKey. Please use this tool in proper occasions, and obey the rules in formal competitions.

Gaming is for fun. Do not be gamed by games. Good Game! Have Fun!
Last updated on February 10th, 2015
Streamlet WarKeyStreamlet WarKey

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