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An easy to use application that allows players to communicate bot in-game and out

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RaidCall is a lightweight and handy piece of software that is designed to offer gamers, and others, a simple and intuitive means of communicating with one another through text and voice. As its name suggests, it’s built to help players who come together as a team to better plot their strategies or crack some jokes to liven the mood.

A well built app that’s pretty much self explanatory

RaidCall, at its core, is pretty much the same as an IRC and/or IM tool which are widely used all around for all kinds of purposes. This is an advantage because it doesn’t come with a cluttered and hard to understand graphical user interface, instead, it takes the most well known and handy features and brings them together.

The app neatly organizes your contacts and groups into easy to read lists and quickly accessible tabs. Chatting is a cinch and so is making and picking up a call, it’s all as intuitive as can be.

No need for any kind of complex configuration, just install, login and call

The entire service behind RaidCall is very easy to access. There are no third party tools to install in order for it all to work. You simply run the kit and once it’s done, you can login to your RaidCall or create one on the spot and then get started.

RaidCall allows you to configure general and detailed audio, voice and privacy settings, audio alerts hotkeys and more. This enables you to adapt the app to any game you play with your friends. To make things even better, RaidCall also features an easy to use Group finder so you’ll be able to quickly and easily pinpoint the people you want to get in touch with.

Create custom rooms, exchange ideas and strategies

On a closing note, RaidCall is a really good tool to have if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward means of staying in touch with your gamer buddies during games and out of them.

RaidCall was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 3rd, 2015
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