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A reimagining of the old Morrowind graphics engine, designed to support more extensive user modding

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The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is still regarded as one of the best role-playing games ever released, mainly thanks to its story and the fascinating world that hosts it. In addition, the game was pretty simple to modify when it comes to creating content and mods, which is why the community has remained active to this day, trying to improve the game and make it as modern as possible.

Enjoy the Morrowind engine in a different package

OpenMW is an engine that attempts to copy the original’s capabilities and looks, while also making it look a bit better in some aspects. However, the essentials have remained unchanged, in order to provide the fans with the same atmosphere and feeling as in the original game. Not only that, but you even need the original game files on your computer, in order to load the assets.

Under the hood, the engine actually used OGRE to render the content, which means that it’s quite capable of handling a lot of detail at the same quality level with Bethesda’s version. In addition, the system requirements are also quite similar, which should play well with those who are still running older computers. Hence, everything is safe and sound from a technical point of view.

Easy modding and a lot of freedom when it comes to user content

Although even the original game was quite easy to mod and expand with user-generated content, this engine promises an even more permissive and simple system. Thus, almost anyone should have the power to add their own ideas to the game, or even create their own adventure from scratch, using the same beautiful graphics from Morrowind.

Speaking of which, the engine provides you with a variety of video and graphic options when it comes to configuring the quality level. Hence, beside the fact that you can freely go up to full-HD resolution, you can also add MSAA and choose between DX9 or OpenGL. Importing new assets and files is also quite simple, because the launcher contains all of these options.

A nice idea that can lead to many other original creations

All things considered, OpenMW’s greatest feat is the fact that it allows modders and creative types to put their ideas into practice with ease, while being inspired by the great Morrowind. Hence, the engine is more than versatile to deal with anything you throw at it, and it also looks well enough to accurately reproduce the original.

OpenMW was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 7th, 2015
OpenMW - The main window allows you to quickly start playing the game.OpenMW - You can easily adjust the video settings and the graphics quality.OpenMW - There are plenty of settings to successfully link your files to the engine.

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