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A Nintendo NES emulator that works great on any modern PC so you can play the classics

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There will always be a demand for the classics and since not everyone has the original consoles and games, digital versions are supplied all over the Internet. A second piece of good news is that there is also a large number of emulators that make it very easy to run and play the old school titles, and like Nestopia, they are easy to use.

Quick access through a simple graphical user interface

Nestopia’s strongest point is the user-friendly appearance with which it is built. You have a basic window with all the neatly sorted menus and submenus and from there you can run a digital ROM in a few clicks. In fact, you can even drag and drop a ROM over the main window and if the file is correctly built, the game will run automatically.

That’s how quick and practical Nestopia is. No matter how good with computers you are, or how bad, using this little emulation tool is a breeze and that doesn’t just apply to loading a game. Configuring Nestopia is also a piece of cake.

Play the console classics on today’s computers

Nestopia runs on just about any modern PC without any setbacks. It uses very little system resources and it’s good to go any time you need it because it doesn't require any kind of tampering or setting up. It’s an app you open and use.

However, if you know your stuff and want to get technical with it, Nestopia has a decent amount of settings to offer. You can look into audio, video, input, preferences and you even get to import cheats. Nestopia provides detailed documentation if you want to check up on the specs it uses or if you want to verify compatibility and other details.

It works like a charm

To wrap it up, Nestopia is a simple tool that simply does its job and it does it well. You won’t need to smash your head against the table while trying to figure out how it works because it’s very intuitive. The only challenge will be to find proper working games.

Nestopia was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
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