Need for Speed Carbon Trainer +XII

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Check out a cool new +12 trainer for the game Need for Speed Carbon that comes with lots of new in-game cheats





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If you are having a hard time winning all the races in Need for Speed Carbon you should definitely try this new +12 trainer that will surely give you the upper edge in each confrontation.

The trainer is very easy to use and features lots of in-game cheats that will surely come in handy during gameplay.

Trainer options:
ALT+0: Load any savegame
ALT+1: Infinite N2O, SpeedBreaker, and Crew Charge
ALT+2: Win any races (don't use in boss race)
ALT+3: No Falling behind in Canyon race (don't use in boss race)
ALT+4: Blind/Crazy Cops
ALT+5: Never busted
ALT+6: Unlock all career cars&accessories (include 911 Turbo)
ALT+7: Unlock all cars in career mode

Press F1 when trainer activated (not game) for more button functions
Last updated on March 27th, 2007
Need for Speed Carbon Trainer +XIINeed for Speed Carbon Trainer +XIINeed for Speed Carbon Trainer +XII

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