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A lightweight piece of software that can help you improve the way you play the game and unlock all the cars

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Need for Speed Carbon, when it came out, or when it was still fresh, was one of ‘the’ games to play. Following in the tire tracks of NFS Most Wanted, it had to pick up on its success, and it did, in most part.

The game delivered great graphics, plenty good looking cars, gameplay improvements, a terrific soundtrack and more. In most part, it was what the fans wanted, although most thought that Most Wanted was better. Nonetheless, Need for Speed: Carbon was and still is great.

A nice tool to help you avoid some unpleasant moments

The biggest issue with Need for Speed: Carbon were the relatively high hardware demands. Those who met them enjoyed the game to its full potential, the others still found a way to play it, even at twenty frames per second. You got used to it after a while.

However, with a tool like Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel it’s easier for those with modest computers to get better performance and a few extra advantages. For one, it enabled players to optimize the graphics without having to run the game first, which meant a few more options and better performance. Secondly, with it, you can create and manage game profiles, meaning that you could import other saved games that were completed.

Get the sweet tracks from NFS Carbon in a simple manner

Another thing that made Need for Speed: Carbon great was the soundtrack, that nice blend of techno beats, rock, drum and bass and a whole lot more. Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel helps you extract the audio from the game in a simple way so you can enjoy it whenever you’re not playing the game or having a drive.

However, that’s a personal preference of the tool. It also enables you to change the serial number of the game, as well as switch the languages. Most notable is the possibility to unlock all the cars, even the police vehicles, and the trucks. The less pleasant part to this feature is that it backfires in career mode, rendering the cars invisible.

A nice tool for those who don’t want to spend unnecessary time with the game

All in all, Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel’s best feature, or rather the most practical, is the profile import function. It spares you a lot of trouble by not having to complete the game again; all you need is a completed game from someone else.

Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 3rd, 2015
Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - An easy way of tweaking performance and unlocking cars in NFS CarbonNeed for Speed Carbon Control Panel - From the Optimize Graphics section, you can change the screen resolution and shader level.Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - You are also able to change the video mode between NTSC and PAL.Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - screenshot #4Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - screenshot #5Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - screenshot #6Need for Speed Carbon Control Panel - screenshot #7

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