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A handy piece of software that makes Aion and Lineage II installation and updating a breeze





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NCsoft Launcher is a lightweight tool that you need to have on your computer to be able to install, update and play Aion or Lineage II.

These come as separate installers for the two games and can only be used for those games alone. Once installed, they allow you to play the game, access the official website, your account and the forum to view the latest discussions.

The launcher takes a couple of seconds to install and once it's finished, you can update the games in an effort free manner. It's by all means a great way to stay connected to the game's community and even the store.

Using the launcher won't be a problem as it displays a user-friendly interface and anyone can make sense of it. There are very few things to configure except the location of the installer download and whether you want to start eh game automatically when an update is complete.
Last updated on April 8th, 2014
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