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A lightweight tool that allows you to create your very own Mario game exactly how you want to

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The gaming world has never been short of Mario games, adaptations, fan recreations and all kinds of more or less enjoyable takes on the classic platformer. If you’re a Mario fan, you’ve undoubtedly played some of them and have certainly wanted to create your own version.

Mario Builder is here to give you that chance. It’s a lightweight and feature-packed world editor that allows you to put together tile by tile, block by block, an entire Mario game without the slightest need for coding.

A fun and accessible way to build an entire world for Mario

Mario Builder comes with everything you need in order to create a complete Mario game from scratch. The application is made out of a canvas section and a toolbar from where you can access everything you need and what’s great is that it’s all very intuitive.

The editor is built to look just like the retro game and makes everything seem that much less complicated. Using a series of buttons you can browse object categories, choose the music you want, pick the tile theme and even add information about the game name and its author.

It’s easy to use, it takes a while to master and it’s worth it

Mario Builder is an easy to use tool but it does have quite the large amount of content. Apart from the tens of tiles, objects, enemies, decorative pieces and so on, you’ll also need to learn how to link the levels you create. Each area can be linked to a different course and those connected with others.

Keeping things simple is not a problem but if you want to really put some hours into designing a Mario game, its final complexity depends entirely on you. Obviously, there is a lot that goes into Mario Builder and if you get stuck on something, complete documentation is one click away.

Build your version of your favorite childhood game

Wrapping it up, Mario Builder is something you really should get your hands on. Somehow, you just can’t pass up the possibility of creating the most elaborate Mario world you can think of.

Mario Builder was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 5th, 2015
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