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Analyze lotto results and see whether you can improve your luck with this handy application

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Hoping for a pile of cash to fall into your lap is a normal and common state of mind for most people, especially since there are so many ways that can happen nowadays. There are many lotteries out there, each one of which offers millions of bucks in return for nothing more than guessing a few numbers. However, the odds of you getting those exact numbers are always incredibly small, which is why lotteries keep on thriving.

Analyze past results and generate tickets

Magayo Lotto is a helpful application that allows you to pursue your passion for lottery tickets by providing you with a suitable environment to organize them, calculate odds, examine previous results, and even get tips on what numbers could yield the best results. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you have the opportunity to start winning the big jackpot every other day, but you can at least play it smart.

As such, the application comes with information and simulations of a huge number of lottery systems from all over the world, spanning across every continent. In addition, you can also view the draw results from previous rounds and compare them, in order to extrapolate statistics. Results can also be updated to keep up with the latest draws, so you’ll always know what numbers you’ve missed out on.

Create charts and graphs featuring number frequencies

The most useful thing about the tool is the ability to look at past draws and analyze the numbers that came out, in order to establish patterns and see whether certain digits repeat themselves more often than others. Not only that, but entire charts and graphs can be generated using the built-in capabilities of the application, which certainly comes in handy if you trust maths over luck.

Lastly, in case you really want to leave everything up to statistics and mathematical equations, you can even give up the freedom to choose the numbers yourself and let the application do it for you. As such, you can easily generate tickets for any lottery around the world, using numbers that are considered to be the most likely to be drawn by the algorithms.

A nifty way to make luck feel less important

In the end, a ‘sure thing’ is what everyone is looking for when playing a game that’s inherently based on chance and luck. However, it is true that mathematics can significantly increase your odds of winning, although the increase still leaves you highly unlikely to ever win. Thus, Magayo Lotto can be a helpful application for many people all over the world.

Magayo Lotto was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
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