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A lightweight and powerful piece of software that brings together a large number of Mass Effect modding tools
ME3 Explorer
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ME3 Explorer is a powerful and easy to handle piece of software that allows you to apply mods for the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Using this toolset you are able to load, edit, save and decompress PCC files which are used for modding. For expert modders or those who have a general idea of what can be done, ME3 Explorer comes with the following tools: ME3 - Asset Explorer, DLC Editor (by Amarok86), AFC to WAV Extractor, TLK Editor, XBox Converter, Mod Maker, Coalesced Editor/Operator (by Eudaimonium), TOCbinUpdater, PCC Editor 1.0/2.0, PCC Repacker, TOC.bin Editor, Decompressor, Conditionals Editor, Script Runner, Sequence Editor, Meshplorer, PSA/PSK Viewer, Soundplorer, Texplorer (by Saltisgood), Leveleditor, UnrealScriptDB, Animation Explorer, Properties Database and .Helper Tools.

For Mass Effect 2 you get PCC Editor and Texplorer, while for ME1, it offers Package Editor and Texplorer.  The applicaiton enables you to .MOD files from TPF, apply PCC mods and all the minute things that go into creating and installing mods.

It is strongly recommended that you create backups for your crucial game files as the application does not come with full compatibility with all game versions.

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ME3 Explorer
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ME3 Explorer

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