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Create your very own Marvel superheroes with this application and customize their stats in great detail

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Given its long history on the market, Marvel’s got quite the wide selection of superheroes, some of which are extremely famous, while others only got their fifteen minutes of fame. However, if not even that is enough for you, then you can also take matters into your own hand and try to create a superhero from scratch, using the powers you find the most useful, or just cool.

A simple tool to quickly generate superheroes

As Java Marvel Character Creator gives it away in the name, the application is all about allowing you to come up with the desired Marvel character, using a variety of stats, abilities, and talents. Although it might look a bit overwhelming at first, every field has its purpose and the interface is well-explained, so you won’t stumble into things that lack description or function.

To begin with, you can easily give a name to your character and configure a few cosmetic attributes as well, including hair color, eyes, height, weight, and so on. However, the most important part is related to the powers, because that’s what makes them great after all. As such, you can either generate a random configuration or choose them from a long list of options.

Export your creations and use them for various purposes

In fact, the stats are split into multiple categories, as follows: primary abilities, talents, contacts, weakness, and powers. Hence, the abilities are expressed in numbers and they include endurance, strength, and agility, while talents range from martial arts to psychiatry. The powers are also quite important, obviously, but they are much easier to choose, given the fact that it’s the first thing you come up with.

After you are done customizing your character and adjusting his/her stats, you can easily export the result to a variety of formats, as well as in plain text. The sheets can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on what you need them for. In addition, entire databases can be created as well, which are designed to hold a large number of characters.

A small, yet powerful application aimed at enthusiasts

Although Java Marvel Character Creator is not for everyone, it does have a rather loyal audience, given the fact that there are not too many alternatives out there. Hence, if the subject interests you and you could benefit from a tool such as this, the fact that it runs on Java means that you can take advantage of it on basically any device out there.

Java Marvel Character Creator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
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