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A very useful tool for GTA players who want to manage GTA3(VER1), Vice City(VER1) and San Andreas(VER2) archives






IMG Tool is a lightweight app that can be used by GTA players to manage IMG archives in order to apply the mods they want.

With this application you will be able to extract files, add new or delete existing ones, rename them, find specific items or sort them. IMG Tool display a very simple and user-friendly interface which makes it a great tool for those who enjoy working efficiently.

After you load the game's original GTA3.IMG file, you can explore all of its components in a simple matter. From the list in which they are displayed, you can choose the one you want to modify and replace it with a file you downloaded off the Internet.

After you make all the necessary modifications to the .IMG file, you will have to rebuild the archive. The entire process can take a good couple of minutes and it is recommended that you create backup of the original before you engage in adding mods.
Last updated on December 31st, 2008
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