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Command & Conquer Generals is the seventh installment in the popular series of real-time strategy games. In this release you will be able to play as one of three factions, United States, China and Global Liberation Army or GLA.

Gameplay is similar to other popular strategy games ensuring that Command & Conquer Generals will be easy to handle by players of all ages. The principle is basically the same, build a base, train an army and defeat the enemy.

Using the Generals CD Key Changer application, you will be able to load and interchange multiple serial keys for the game in an effortless manner. Apart from entering them manually, the application allows you to import keys from a .txt file.

This can be very useful especially when you get yourself banned from various servers. If you want to play on other servers under a different name, you can also use this tool.

This application supports both the retail and digital versions of the game.
Last updated on June 24th, 2003
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