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A lightweight and easy to use tool that might be able to improve the performance of your games

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GameGain is GameBoost’s little brother. It does the same things only less of them, apparently. The tool in discussion is designed to optimize the performance of your PC’s hardware thus improving the experience you have with your favorite games.

The same user-friendly approach

GameGain uses the same GUI as its counterpart, but it packs one less option in the main window, that which allows you to choose the Internet type. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same thing and does the same things, almost.

The app is built to allow people to increase the performance of their machines during gameplay, which in turn leads to happier gamers. To improve framerate, internet speed and general performance with GameGain, all you need to do is run it, and click the ‘Optimize Now’ button. It’s all very convenient.

Be careful what you wish for

GameGain comes with ‘Speed Setting’, an option that allows you to choose how much boost you want it to apply. It’s either the standard amount or maximum boost but in neither cases are you made aware of what actually happens.

The tool does come with a help file but surprisingly enough, that doesn’t shed much light on the subject of what it does. Sure, it changes registry settings, something you don’t need, and that’s about all you find out. Moreover, the Q&A section even admits that the app might have the opposite effect, that of slowing your machine down.

Also, to fix the aforementioned problem GameGain comes with a reset button that switches the PC back to factory settings. Which is, in fact, a double bummer since restoring to factory settings means that it might wipe out what little customization you had before installing GameGain.


All in all, if you’re willing to try out a very simple solution for your low in-game performance, GameGain is a decent place to start. However, be smart about it, don’t put too much faith in it.

GameGain was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 12th, 2015
GameGain - From the main window you can quickly give a boost to your PC.

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