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Organize your emulators and enjoy them in a more modern home theater interface with this handy application

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Playing old video games using emulators seems to be quite the popular activity nowadays, because it’s a lot easier to do it. Hence, thanks to all the software available on the Internet, you can pretty much play games originating on any console or arcade machine out there. However, it can be a bit tricky to keep all of this data properly organized.

Keep your emulator collection in order at all times

GameEx is an intriguing piece of software that provides you with an undoubtedly valuable service, even if it targets a very specific portion of the public. Hence, it allows you to fully enjoy your old video games and organize your collections, while also connecting your computer to a variety of other devices, including authentic joysticks, TVs, or even touchscreen tablets.

In essence, the application seems to be a home theater solution for emulators, because it offers most of the same options. However, it supports almost all the major consoles and emulators you can find on the Internet, complete with lengthy configuration panels. Hence, not only you can run and enjoy your games, but it is also possible to arrange them in a particular order and have fun browsing through your library.

Plenty of non-gaming functions to keep you entertained

In fact, the application comes with a lot of tools and useful functions that are in no way related to old video games, such as karaoke, YouTube streaming, and even movie playback capabilities. Hence, although it is primarily designed to help you play in the comfort of your media room, it can also play the role of a media center and provide you with a way to mix things up a bit.

Interface-wise, everything looks like it can be controlled with a regular TV remote, because it probably can be. The utility runs best in full-screen mode and everything is readily accessible on the main page, although that doesn’t mean you don’t get slightly more advanced settings as well. In fact, everything can be customized to fit your requirements, as long as you know how to handle slightly more advanced stuff.

The perfect utility for emulator enthusiasts

In the end, GameEx seems to encompass almost everything you might need to better enjoy your emulated games collection. In addition, the fact that it can be easily integrated into your multimedia station is that much more exciting, because it opens up many other possibilities.

GameEx was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
GameEx - The application's main menu allows you to access a variety of settings and preference panels.GameEx - You can easily find the games you are looking for by browsing your library.GameEx - There are a few other services as well, including Youtube streaming and karaoke.GameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameExGameEx

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