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It will boost your computer's performance and Internet speed for better game playing

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Playing the latest games is not an easy task for your hardware if it’s even a few years behind the minimum requirements. For that scenario and others, or for cases in which people just want to squeeze the last drop of performance out of their systems, GameBoost was created.

Optimize PC performance with one-click

GameBoost is meant for people who have modest skills when it comes to tweaking operating systems manually. It comes with a highly comprehensive graphical user interface that makes optimization a breeze.

The application does all the work for you. Once launched, from its main window all you need to do is click the Optimize button and that’s that, it gets the job done. In case the application is not capable of it, although it’s highly unlikely, you can choose the type of OS you have installed, the processor brand and the Internet connection type and afterward put it to work.

A bit too simple for hardcore gamers to use

GameBoost is an intuitive tool. However, it lacks customization for more advanced users. For example, you don’t have any kind of options that tell the app on what to focus its attention and how much if it, like CPU or GPU. You can’t even assign it to switch off the Internet connection or make sure no other software interferes in any way with your game while it is running.

Not having more control over what it does can be an issue if it starts applying changes to areas where it is not required or where you don’t want it to do that. When it comes to software like this, it’s always best for the tool to be as transparent to the user as it can be.

Worth having if you only need a one-click solution

To wrap it up, GameBoost is an appropriate tool for gamers who don’t want to dive into the complexity of system optimization. If you’re looking for improvements that happen after you click one button, GameBoost might do the trick.

GameBoost was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
GameBoost - From the main window you can easily boost your PC to run games better.

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