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A lightweight tool especially designed to facilitate a one-click enable or disable for CLEO mods






Directly proportional to the level of appreciation for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the amount of modding that has went into it.

From the early stages of its launch to several years passed, people are still working on improving or downright transforming the game. Part of the success behind all that modding is due to the existence of CLEO 4, a library which hooks .exe functions and extends coding options for GTA : San Andreas.

Hacking at the library and creating mods has been proven to be successful for GTA: San Andreas versions 1.0 and 1.01, leaving the rest susceptible to a lot of crashing. To make things very simple for CLEO mod users, Cleo Activator was developed in order to help them activate or deactivate mods with a simple click.

The app is very easy to use as it displays a more than comprehensive user-interface. To enable or disable the mods all you have to do is check a simple box and then run the game.
Last updated on June 8th, 2009
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