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Enjoy playing all the old-school Amiga games by using this powerful and well-crafted emulator

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FS-UAE is the embodiment of bringing back the Amiga systems to life. It’s an emulator that allows you to re-experience the past days of the Amiga on today’s computers. With it, you can simulate a decent number of models, from the A500 to the A4000.

A good read is required before you get started

For those who lived in the Amiga period, and were aware of those times, using FS-UAE should be a simpler task than it is for today’s gamers. A good read of the manual and documentation is a must because, unlike other emulators, this requires some configuration and a lot of explanations about what this does and what that could do and so on.

As software, FS-UAE is well-designed, with a user-friendly interface, but the procedures of loading games is a bit different from other emulators, hence the pre-read requirement. The emulator provides an on-screen GUI with gamepad control if you have an old-school controller you can use it, cross-platform play, video synchronization and loads more. Really, read the documentation.

Enjoy the truly retro games that the Amiga brought

Once you manage to go through the configuration process, it should be smooth sailing. A final task would be to find a good source for Amiga games, but those can easily found over the Internet.

FS-UAE enables you to play some of the games that were the games to play from back in the day. You’ll see just how great or interesting it feels to play a 2D platformer with basic yet good graphics, all while enjoying some awesome chiptune tracks. It’s like you discover a world of gaming you didn’t know existed.

Excellent and backed up by a dedicated community

FS-UAE is without question one of the best emulators around, and after you get passed the basics of it all, you’ll see that as well. It’s a vital tool that’s keeping the retro scene alive and some of gaming's history.

And what’s even better, is that it’s constantly being improved and updated by a dedicated community and group of users.

FS-UAE was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
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