FIFA 07 - Creation Master 072.09

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A tool to help you edit transfer data in FIFA 07 along with other important information






FIFA 07 is a football simulator in which you can play with your favorite team in a large number of leagues.

It features over 500 teams, 27 leagues with over 10.000 players form 20 different countries. FIFA 07 is the seventh release in the series and comes to enhance the game with improved passing, crossing and free kick techniques, new physics and better shooting.

Apart from engaging in real matches between two teams, the game also features a Manager Mode in which you can choose a team and see it through an entire season of football.

To make the latter more interesting, Creation Master 07 has been developed. With this tool you are able to edit FIFA 07 native database information in order to customize countries, leagues, teams, players, stadiums, referees, sponsors, formations and tournaments.
Last updated on September 17th, 2007
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