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How many times have parents heard this or something similar? Relief is here. Just download Cool Timer and let it tell your kids when their time is up, when your cake is done, or when you need to take a break, etc. It can even wake you up in the morning. All for FREE!

Cool Timer can be set for up to 100 hours, and can use any Wav, MP3, or Midi file OR any of several built-in sounds to sound an alarm when time expires.

The program can be sent to your system tray while it's counting down (or any time) and pops up when alarm sounds. The alarm sound is looped until you turn it off, or you can choose to only have the alarm sound play once. You can also choose to not play a sound at all and just have the program window "pop up" when time expires.

The program can also be used as an alarm clock. Running in "wake mode", Cool Timer acts just like your alarm clock and can wake you up using any sound you choose at a time you specify. You can even click "snooze" to have the program automatical reset the alaram for 10 minutes later and get a little more sleep.

The cool interface is fully customizable with several colors to choose from and makes it a welcome change from time to time..

You can save and reload frequently used lengths of time as presets so that you can quickly and easily set time on the timer without having to do it manually.

Whether you're baking a cake, rationing out video game or computer time to your kids, or even sneaking in a nap, this program is just what you need.

Here are some key features of "Cool Timer":

Use in three modes: countdown, alarm clock, or stopwatch.
Optionally show cool, scrolling LED-style, customizable text message when alarm goes off.
Use for cooking, excercising, etc.
Great for teachers in the classroom.
Limit kids' time on video games or computer.
Use any Wav, MP3, or Midi file OR one of several built-in sounds as an alarm.
Can be set for up to 100 hours in "countdown mode".
Easy to use.
Cool, colorful, customizable interface.
Can be minimized to Windows system tray.
Save and reload preset time lengths or wake times.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed bug that would cause a runtime error sometimes when running in "Alarm Clock" mode.
Fixed bug that would not allow manually entering times using the keyboard in some instances.
Last updated on May 19th, 2015
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Cool Timer lets you to tell your kids when their time is up, when your cake is done, or when you need a break


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