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A lightweight tool that you can use to better manage your time and that of other people while working or playing on a computer

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Cool Timer is a tiny tool that’s built for people who need to better manage the way they keep track of time. It’s an app that can act as an alarm clock, stopwatch and countdown timer for your PC. It’s easy to use, handy and reliable.

Built to be intuitive and practical

Since this is the games section of Softpedia, we’ll consider Cool Timer as an appropriate tool for parents or siblings who want to keep notice of how much time is spent on a computer playing games. The simplest use for Cool Timer is that well-known instance in which a child is allowed to spend one or two hours max in front of the computer screen.

It’s easy to use thanks to its intuitive layout for the GUI and everything you need or has is easily accessible through a few clicks. The app provides a good deal of options and functions that make it a lot more practical than you would expect. For example you can set it to start with your OS and run with a default timer, and it’s possible to use a custom audio alert or display a specific text when an alarm goes off or time expires.

It’s good but only for basic scenarios

If you intend to use Cool Timer as more than an alarm clock or countdown timer, say for example a security tool, you better look elsewhere. Unlike a lot of other similar apps, Cool Timer doesn’t provide any help with limiting access to the computer when a timer runs out, or a countdown ends.

The best thing you can do is have it run a third-party app that can offer a bit more functionality. Other than that, Cool Timer is a rather basic tool with standard features that work well.

A timer for your computer

All in all, after a few minutes with Cool Timer you’ll fully understand what it can and can’t do. On the plus side, it’s practical for those who need the functions it offers, on the other hand, it’s a timer for a PC.

Cool Timer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 10th, 2015
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