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Create professional-looking 2D games in HTML5 using this simple design tool, with no coding knowledge required

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With all the new tools available nowadays, designing a video game is no longer a task for big studios with hundreds of employees. Instead, even a single person can create something worthy of awards, which means that the indie scene is more populated than ever. However, many of the free engines out there still require a decent grasp on a coding language, which might prove to be a problem for some.

HTML5-based video game designer

Construct 2 allows anyone to put their imagination into practice and create a video game in a matter of hours, using an intuitive interface and basic elements that seamlessly come together to create a unique final product. Not only that, but the utility provides you with advice every step of the way, and there are many tutorials to get you started, as well as a large collection of example projects and a helpful community.

The key word regarding the framework is HTML5, because that’s what you’ll be indirectly using to create your games. In case you are not aware of it, HTML5 is a web language, which makes it perfect for browser games that don’t require an installation on the client’s computer. Obviously, this is good news for those who aim for the mobile market as well, although not all devices support it yet.

Aim for a particular audience with custom projects

One of the more helpful features of the application is the fact that you can easily create projects for the platforms you are more interested in, by selecting the desired screen ratio in the beginning. This also adds a few prerequisites to your projects, so you don’t start with an empty file. Hence, you can get a running start, which makes it that much easier to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Feature-wise, the framework comes with a broad range of components for you to use, depending on what kind of game you would like to design. Naturally, they must all be in 2D and feature basic graphics, but that doesn’t mean you are constrained from an artistic point of view. Thus, if you have an idea, there aren’t too many reasons not to put it in action and get the most out of it.

Express your creativity and introduce yourself to the world

All things considered, Construct 2 is certainly not the kind of thing that’s going to lead you to the next Skyrim, but it’s a damn good place to start. Hence, if you feel like doing something cool with your time and see whether you’ve got what it takes to get people interested in your designs, this is a fine way to do it.

Construct 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
Construct 2 - A new project with some preset files can be quickly created.Construct 2 - The layout form is where you can add and edit the objects.Construct 2 - Adding events, global variables, and groups is achieved using a simple right-click.Construct 2 - screenshot #4Construct 2 - screenshot #5Construct 2 - screenshot #6Construct 2 - screenshot #7Construct 2 - screenshot #8Construct 2 - screenshot #9Construct 2 - screenshot #10Construct 2 - screenshot #11Construct 2 - screenshot #12

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