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Cheats for over 10000 game brought to you in the form of an easy to browse and edit database






Cheats have exited since the games themselves and will continue to be around until the last one. Feelings about using them are mixed but even so, those that swear they won't touch them have yet to meet the game that will leave them with no other option. And in some cases, using cheats is too fun to not take advantage of.

CheatBook DataBase 2007 is a collection of cheats, walkthroughs, hints and all kinds of content that is meant to help you cut corners in a game or enjoy unlocking everything there is to it.  The database contains material for almost all the games released prior to and in 2007.

The collection comes alphabetized, with each entry being as explicit and as well written as possible. It's easy to spot the information you need, you can edit anything you want and if you have the data, you can create your own entries in the database.

CheatBook DataBase 2007 also allows you to add images, create entries for console games, view a history log, view news and updates and import your own databases.
Last updated on April 2nd, 2007
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