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001 Game Creator
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001 Game Creator is a useful gaming tool that provides a simple, yet powerful graphical scripter. Using it will allow you to create events for your game without the difficulty of learning to write code.

The game also uses the simplicity of pointing and clicking to allow the user to easily implement events in the form of a flowchart.

Main features:

  • Maps
  • Flexible Tile-Sets
  • up to 255 tile-sets per tile layer per map, horizontal/vertical flipping, liquid forming, terraformations between terrain types, randomized-variability, ...
  • Parallax Foregrounds and Backgrounds
  • multi-layered, with auto and manual panning
  • Weather
  • rain, snow, clouds
  • Global Lighting
  • day and night transitioning
  • Multi-Floor
  • commonly used for platformer games
  • Real-Time Lighting
  • multiple sources with colour, radius, direction and flickering options
  • Real-Time Audio
  • multiple speaker with radius, volume, direction and noise options
  • Actors and Objects
  • Characters
  • customizable clothing, paths, equipment, weapons, inventory, ...
  • Vehicles
  • customizable colors and styles, configurable acceleration, max/min velocity and turning speed
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • action-based enemy-seeking, range maintaining, weapon-usage, friend/foe consideration and party assistance
  • Templates
  • parent and child templates for actors to build a data-driven game
  • Dynamic Triggers
  • talked, seen, touched, attacked, hurt, while/when value, shown/hid, ...
  • Doors
  • simple system to produce doors with little effort
  • Pick-Ups and Treasure Chests
  • easy-to-use system to place items throughout map
  • Zones
  • Dynamic Triggers
  • activated, touched, entered/left, ...
  • Blocking
  • complete or conditional blocking dependant on actor type
  • Linking
  • simple teleported linking between maps
  • Items and Magic
  • Clothing
  • per-body clothing options
  • Effects
  • visual and auditory effects on use, target, impact and projectile
  • Ammunition
  • ammo, clip size and reloading systems
  • Melee
  • hand-to-hand combat with damage area
  • Projectile
  • ranged-based combat with speed, range, accuracy, heat-seeking and damage options
  • Statistics
  • equipment, impact and cost effects to character's statistics
  • Interfaces
  • Fields
  • flexible data-driven objects used to display text, numbers, graphics, effects, frames, buttons, toggles, camera regions and other UI elements
  • HUD
  • easy-to-setup heads-up-displays to show health, lives, equipment and other elements
  • Mouse, Keyboard and Joystick
  • Input Sets
  • organization of controls for context-specific gameplay elements
  • Control Combinations
  • series of controls to be inputted by player to perform an action
  • Cursor Customization
  • uses any effect (graphic, particle effect or sequenced animation)
  • Buttons
  • left, middle, right and other auxiliary buttons
  • Point-and-Click
  • triggers on actors, zones and fields with cursor and button used option; "Walk to Closest Location" event for user-friendly path-finding
  • Gameplay
  • Graphical Scripting
  • user-friendly, supporting branching and nesting
  • Text-Based Scripting
  • internally-used and not required
  • Custom Events
  • creating events that can be called by other scripts
  • Variables and Switches
  • simple global, local or static elements that can store gameplay features
  • Collections and Tables
  • containing elements in a linear or tabular format
  • Loops
  • iterate or repeat something based on values
  • Branches
  • many branch types used to split game logic depending on conditions
  • Timers
  • allowing events to happen every iteration
  • Spawning
  • simple spawning of actors and fields
  • Built-In
  • shops, inns, message boxes, input boxes, code boxes and other built-in and customizable functionality
  • Cameras
  • Panning
  • directly pan to a location desired
  • Camera View Fields
  • multi-player split-screen, picture-in-picture and layering of maps
  • D Rotation
  • perspective and orthogonal, allowing first-person, third-person, 45o and other viewscurrently in beta
  • Views
  • switching between front, top, angled and other views for varied genres
  • Physics
  • Particle Effects
  • speed, location, rotation, color and other factors that can be varied
  • Basic Actor Forces
  • push, slidecurrently in beta
  • Vehicles
  • acceleration, max/min velocity, turn Speed, ...
  • Resources
  • Sprites
  • one, two, four and eight directions with flexible frames, resolutions and auto-flipping/rotating
  • Effects
  • particle effects, animation sequences
  • Tile-Sets
  • per-tile animation, collision, shadow and terraformation options
  • Audio
  • max repeat count, context and pitch/volume variance options
  • Fonts
  • bold, italic, underline, anti-aliasing/outlining/hollow styles, language control, shaded colors; all of which can be modified as a regular graphic
  • Graphics
  • D Graphic File Formats
  • D Model File Formats
  • FBX, OBJ, 3DS, DXF, X, DAEcurrently in beta
  • Font File Formats
  • customizable graphic from source FON, TTF
  • Audio
  • Sound Filters
  • pitch/speed variance/shifting, volume control, panning
  • Music Layers
  • allowing layering of multiple sources of streamed music
  • D Positional Sound
  • Stereo, 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound
  • Audio File Formats
  • MIDI, MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, AIFF, ...
  • MOD File Formats
  • XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3
  • Testing
  • Game Debugger
  • windows to access cheats, inputs, delayed events, statistics, objects, files, variables, collections, tables, players, logs, screens and executed triggerscurrently in beta
  • Watch
  • halt game when a certain condition is metcurrently in beta
  • Special Commands
  • fast-forward
  • Device Emulators
  • individual emulators to simulate the experience of different devices (iOS, Android) with altered inputs and screen scaling that considers your monitor size and resolutioncurrently in beta
  • Game Distribution
  • Hosted on this Web-Site Community
  • ratings, screenshots, statistics
  • Hosted on your Own Web-Site
  • EXE installer or ZIP archive
  • Ability to Sell
  • marketing not provided
  • Expanding
  • Data-Base Access
  • MySQL
  • Raw File Editing
  • TXT, DAT
  • Miscellaneous
  • Parental Controls
  • word censor, resource restrictions
  • Customer Support
  • direct e-mail for technical questions
  • Removed Standard Start-Up Menu
  • instantly start game without starting window, with events that can be used to change game options
  • Removed Advertisements
  • in return for financial support
  • Early-Access to Upcoming Features
  • usually months in advance
  • Requesting Features
  • many considered and implemented within weeks
  • Development Discussions
  • discussions surrounding features being worked on

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September 24th, 2013, 10:30 GMT
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001 Game Creator
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8 Screenshots
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