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An arcade game in which you have to think fast and move faster if you want to win

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Zuma Deluxe is the enhanced version of Zuma, a tile-matching arcade game that has you shooting colored balls at other identical objects in order to eliminate them from the board. It’s one of the most well known arcade games around and for a good reason, it’s fun and addictive.

Simple and captivating gameplay

Part of Zuma Deluxe’s success comes from it’s well polished look and level designs. Your character is a stone frog that’s fixed in place but able to move 360 degrees around who has to shoot balls of different colors and connect them to balls of the same color. Once three or more are brought together, they disappear from the board.

The goal of each round is to clear the entire board without letting the balls reach a skull figure. In case they do, you lose a life and start over again. If you’re lucky you get the chance to create chain reactions in which several groups of balls are removed and you get extra points.

Your frog ball shooter can switch between two balls at any time to have a better chance of matching them to others. There are also four powerups to collect, coins to shoot for bonus score and other little features that make the game casually great.

An old but still good looking game

Zuma Deluxe has a few years behind it but even so it’s a game that is visually appealing. Each level of the game is uniquely designed with Aztec civilisation inspired details which get better looking and more challenging as you advance further into the game.

In each one the trail of the balls is perfectly visible and remains so until the last level. That’s the one that really gets to you.

One of the great arcade games to play

To wrap it up, Zuma Deluxe is one of the arcade games you have to play. It’s easy to play but challenging, it has plenty of levels to loose yourself in and most of all, it really an enjoyable experience.

Zuma Deluxe was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 17th, 2014
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