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If you haven’t heard of Worms World Party or the Worms series in general, you might have well lived under a rock. Seriously, how do you not know about Worms World Party? One of the most epic 2D artillery games that has ever used grannies, flaming sheep, donkeys and exploding bananas as weapons (although Worms Armageddon is better).

Ridiculously fun because it’s utterly ridiculous

In Worms World Party things are simple, you control a team of worms that have one goal and one goal only: to kill every other worm no matter the cost. Battles are fought on fully destructible maps that have all kinds of wacky and unusual themes and the arsenal you are gifted with is almost absurd.

Your worm squad is made up of little innocent worms that look like they wouldn’t hurt a single speck of dirt, let alone fight dirty, but they do. From simple grenades to Holly ones, from baseball bats to flame throwers, mad cows to machine guns, from magical carpets to meteor strikes, Worms World Party has some pretty fun weapons to use.

I don’t know about you, but having an enemy worm in front and being able to choose whether I want to smash its face with an uppercut or blast it into oblivion using a ranting granny bomb is always a good thing.

Game comedy at its finest

Apart from having an unusual theme, Worms World Party is blessed with an excellent dose of humor. For example, leaving a worm idle will trigger a rather amusing animation but when it comes to being funny, that mostly rests in the extremely large list of voices and accents that can be used by the soldiers.

When it comes to speech, you will never get tired of hearing what these little guys have to say whenever they hit a target or get bashed. They can take on the roles of zombie apocalypse survivors, aliens, angry scouts, cyberworms and more, much much more. It’s safe to say that in the world of casual games, Worms World Party has one of the most prominent personalities thanks to the speech variety.

Superbly entertaining if you’re looking for a game that doesn’t want to take itself seriously

To wrap it up, Worms World Party is simply wonderful. It’s seriously outdated, that’s a fact but if you manage to make it work, a task which is not impossible, it will grant you a good couple of hours of ear to ear laughter. It’s too cute and brutal.

Worms World Party was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 20th, 2015
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