Triplane Turmoil II 1.05

Try out a flight simulator that will keep you interested for a long time.
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Hardcore pseudo-3D arcade flying game with depth, challenge and wacky missions unlike any other indie game on the market! 

World turns up-side-down for many, as Triplane Tribune divulges grave news; The World has been engulfed in flames as the First World War has finally broken out!

Some impatient analyticists proposed already that the conflict could be avoided, but it the end, appears to be inevitable. Rumours whisper a secret  reemason-like organization called 'Draconus' or similar being ultimately responsible for all this, but most likely it is all just a diplomatic misunderstanding which has escalated into something most displeasing... such as a world war.

This unfortunate, collective problem brings literally a whole new dimension into the concept of warfare; The Air Force! This new element will permanently change the ways of waging war, and the knights of the sky have born as the best of the best seek their match on the open sky!

Your are the only skilled pilot that can carry out such a dangerous mission. The pilots - who are brave enough to control these planes which are cleverly called 'Triplanes' - enjoy a great deal of profound admiration and respect!

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December 21st, 2009, 16:36 GMT
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Draconus Entertainment
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Triplane Turmoil II

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3 Screenshots
Triplane Turmoil II - Here is a preview of the main menu.Triplane Turmoil II - Make sure your plane is ready before you leave the hangar.

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