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In Gary Gorski's Total Pro Basketball 2005, you assume the role of general manager





In Gary Gorski's Total Pro Basketball 2005, you assume the role of general manager and attempt to steer your team through season after season of championships. You are responsible for each agent negotiation, and financial and coaching decision.

Whether it's calling plays, drafting your next superstar, and most importantly, leading your team to greatness. With a state-of-the-art 2d engine and exceptionally accurate simulation engine, Total Pro Basketball tests your ability to run your franchise both on the court and off. It truly allows for incredible depth and hours of challenging fun. Are you up to the task?

Here are some key features of "Total Pro Basketball 2005":

· Enhanced Player Depth: more than twice as many ratings for each player.
· Enhanced Coaching Staffs: full coaching staffs for each team including the head coach and three assistants, all of whom play a role in both player development and the accuracy of your scouting and player evaluations.
· Argue over Salaries, Jobs: contract negotiations with both head and assistant coaches; if the head coach wants too much money, you can promote from within your coaching staff or fire the lot and start from scratch from the free agent coaching pool.
· You've Got Mail: GM's e-mail inbox keeps you informed of trade offers and lets your coaches share their opinions on your team.
· The Next Jordan?: Dramatically enhanced and improved player development; track that young stud from high school until he finally declares for the draft while keeping an eye on all the talent overseas.
· Bigger Challenge: optional 'Pure GM' mode where you run the team but must trust in your coaching staff to win the games. You'll be able to fire the coach if he doesn't get you the results you want, but sooner or later the owner's going to come knocking on your door if you don't meet his expectations.
· Enhanced In-Game Graphics: new 2D basketball court with moving player icons so you can follow the action.
· Time to Travel, Time to Heal: new balanced schedule logic.
· Stats, Stats and More Stats: more than four times as many stats tracked over the course of the year, including playoff stats.
· Play Who You Want, When You Want: complete control over player rotations play all 12 guys, work your starters for 40+ minutes, or do something in between.
· Trade That Trash: put unwanted or overpriced players on the trade block and wait for your rival GMs to make you trade offers.
· Run 'n' Gun or Pound the Post: decide which real-life offensive sets your team will run.
· Raise 'Em to the Rafters: track each team's championships and awards and retire the jerseys of your very best.
· Dynamic Player Development: Watch your players develop over the course of a season as well as in the off-seasons; monitor players as their skillsdevelop in the developmental league hoping to improve enough to make a squad; keep an eye out for booms and busts - no two leagues will develop the same players the same way.
· Your Game - Your Style: Complete customization is at your fingertips from logos, banners, courts, jerseys, player, coach and owner pictures all the way down to home court sounds! Give your team a home court advantage with a special rally chant or even player specific sounds for when your hometown favorite scores a bucket.

Note: For trial purposes please download the DEMO version. This is the full version.
Last updated on February 24th, 2006
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