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Drive a variety of whacky cars and perform ludicrous stunts in all sorts of environments

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Stunts are quite entertaining to watch and cheer for from the crowd or on TV, but they are less fun when you actually have to perform them. Obviously, the people doing them love the excitement of danger, but that doesn’t mean they are not scared or concerned that they might not be able to pull it off this time. However, this is much safer in a virtual environment, which is why video games are the perfect way to simulate the experience.

Reach high places using nothing but speed and inertia

StuntMANIA is a fun combination between a racing game and a platformer, in which your primary goal is to collect a bunch of cubes and power-ups, while climbing higher and higher. You are not forced to do so, but the higher your manage to reach, the higher your score and the more difficult it gets to keep your cool. Thus, the atmosphere should be pretty intense and fun most of the time.

However, the game is just too lackluster when it comes to objectives, so you often feel like you’ve got no purpose. Even if there are power-ups you can pick up and improve your abilities, they don’t make too much of a difference anyway. Speaking of which, these power-ups allow you to teleport to other parts of the map, jump higher, or simply move around the environments quicker.

Awful controls and annoying gameplay mechanics

The physics engine is not exactly terrible, but the car does not respond very well in certain situations. As such, if you happen to smash into a wall, you’ll actually start to climb it a little bit. This makes it difficult to turn when you are near a wall. Furthermore, the car seems to stick to everything as long as you hold the acceleration down, which is frustrating. The controls are strange as well because you don’t have too much control over the car once it starts to gain speed.

As far as the visual aspect is concerned, the graphics engine is decent, although it’s nothing out of the ordinary either. The models and the environments look nice, with a few shy particle effects that make an appearance every now and again. However, the annoying part is the camera, because it automatically switches to front view the second you try to reverse, which is mighty disorienting.

A few good ideas destroyed by poor implementation

When it’s all said and done, StuntMANIA could have been a lot more fun and enjoyable that it is. In essence, a lot of things went wrong with it, because you really need to struggle to have some fun with the stunts. In addition, the game does not seem to have a purpose at all, which is depressing and boring.

StuntMANIA Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
StuntMANIA Demo - The main menu is quite straightforward and you can quickly get the hang of it.StuntMANIA Demo - Jumping is your main method of transportation.StuntMANIA Demo - The car flips whether you want it or not, so you'd better get used to it.StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #4StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #5StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #6StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #7StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #8StuntMANIA Demo - screenshot #9

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