Speed Racer - The Great Plan

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A nice take and creation based on the Speed Racer anime series about a special racing car

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Speed Racer - The Great Plan is an attempt, and a rather successful one at that, to create a short but good racing game that’s based on the Speed Racer anime. It has all the right flavor to make it a nice replica and it even comes with voiceovers that were extracted from the original show.

Smooth, simple and fun gameplay

For a racing game Speed Racer - The Great Plan checks the list on almost all the major points. Controls are simple, and the car is gifted with really good handling, it uses lines from the show to give it a good sense of personality and above all, it’s really fun to play.

On the downside, its graphics aren’t the best, there are a few glitches here and there but looking at the larger picture, they’re actually not all that bad.

Use the same contraptions from the show to win the race

The Mach 5 in the game is the same car you enjoyed in the anime series and of course, it has all the same crazy and creative features that made it unique. Depending on your predicament, you can use the grip tires, cutter blades, deflector, illumination, frogger mode and the dreaded homing robot to take out opponents.

Another thing that might not please is the fact that a race is way too short. Just as you get a handle on the car and start to catch up, the race ends, but it’s fun.

A nice casual racing experience

On a closing note, Speed Racer - The Great Plan is by all means something you have to try at least once. More so if you liked the anime.

Speed Racer - The Great Plan was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 4th, 2015
Speed Racer - The Great PlanSpeed Racer - The Great PlanSpeed Racer - The Great Plan

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