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Play Pinocle against some very challenging AI adversaries by installing this lightweight game

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Single Deck Pinochle is a small card game that you can install on your PC to play Pinochle. It’s an old game so expect it to run at a low resolution; there’s also a bit of hang time after you make in-game decisions.

Play a single deck of a four-handed game

In Single Deck Pinochle you get to play something that’s close to Tournament level, the AI is tough to beat and if you’re just starting to learn the game, you’ll lose a lot of hands.

Despite the fact that you have an AI player on your side, the game will prove to be very challenging. You need to bet big and hope that your cards come through for you. Single Deck Pinochle is both a game of skill and luck, but it mostly comes down to the later.

The rules of the game are the standard ones but since there is a lot to them, you better read the in-game help file. It explains everything you need to know in detail. On the downside, there are no video tutorials.

A standard card game

Single Deck Pinochle is a generic card game in most aspects. From a visual point of view, by today’s standards it doesn’t look very good. It’s just a game that makes it possible to play Pinochle.

You can pass cards, save the game for a later time, review the originally dealt cards and the passes. Games can stretch out to 250 or 500 points.

It might be appealing only for those who like Pinochle

As a casual game, Single Deck Pinochle is not that kind of game which anyone can download and play. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules, it will take you a while to learn the ropes, and that might get tedious when looking at the graphics.

Single Deck Pinochle was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
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