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This is your change to defend you homeworld from the alien invaders. Build turrets and protect your base.

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Revenge of the Titans, a tower defense game that also throws a bit of real-time strategy into the mix. It looks cute, harmless actually, but it packs quite the punch.

Protect Earth from the invading Titan forces

Like in all tower defense games, your job is to build defensive structures and kill the incoming enemy waves before they reach your base and destroy it. In Revenge of the Titans, you’ll have to do exactly that but with some extra freedom and a few more complications.

First off, you can build just about anywhere on the map, which although expected, is something that is allowed in a few TD games. That enables you to experiment with a lot of defense strategies but also makes things harder. There is no walling in using cheap structures or maze crafting.

Secondly, resources come from killing monsters but your main supply is through building refineries and manually collecting the cash. At first this seems like a simple enough task but as you reach higher levels, the monsters swarm, your towers get destroyed, and collecting each stack of cash becomes a race against time.

Research new tech for better chances of victory

Another similarity to tower defense games is the possibility to invest cash into unlocking new tech. In Revenge of the Titans, however, that results in some more ‘complications’, the good kind.

Some of the upgrades provide a passive advantage, in either firepower or the amount of resources you gather. Others enable extra buildings that you can add to your defenses, but not all of them shoot. There are ammo silos to attach to your defenses and cooling units that enable towers to shoot faster. The biggest downside to this is that they, along with the towers can be destroyed.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have in Revenge of the Titans is keeping up with everything that goes on at any given time. Titans will attack on multiple fronts all around your base, and when they really swarm, things get serious, fast.

Definitely one for the tower defense fans

As someone who has played too many of these games, I’d say that this one is one of the refreshing ones. It has its unique style, solid gameplay, good mechanics, and it’s very intense at times.

Revenge of the Titans was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
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