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Enjoy a fast game of snooker against the computer or other people over the Internet

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Snooker is a pool variation with a lot more rules and a different scoring system, one that assigns points to every ball color and forces you to take the shots in a predefined order. Hence, it is definitely not a game for beginners, given the fact that you must already be very familiar with the classic pool before you can jump into the muddy waters of snooker.

Challenge other players over the Internet

QuickSnooker is a simulator that allows you to practice in peace against the computer, or even put your skills to the test with other players online. The game tries to simulate the sport as close to reality as possible, although it is obviously not as convincing as the real thing. While the physics engine is pretty powerful, there are still glitches that may ruin the fun for experienced players.

To begin with, there are multiple game modes to choose from, depending on what you are in the mood for. As mentioned earlier, you can practice with the AI, challenge other players over the Internet, or even have a match with a friend on the same computer. Regardless of what mode you choose, the experience should feel more or less the same, except of course for the difficulty level.

Customize the gameplay to fit your preferences

After you get familiar enough with the game and you know everything there is to know about it, you may find some aspects too distracting. As an example, the application allows you to enable or disable a number of aids during the match, such as the cue ball path, ball trails and the cue angle. Not only that, but you can even make the game friendly for color blind people.

Since you might want to play against other human players, a chat window is included as well, which allows you to discuss the ongoing match with your opponent. A scoring board is displayed on the screen at all times as well. To make matters more challenging in singleplayer, the AI skill level can be adjusted too, so that you can increase the challenge when it starts to feel too easy.

An all-around simulator for the fans of the sport

All things considered, QuickSnooker can be tons of fun in the right hands, especially since it features a powerful online component. In addition, the visual quality is quite decent, even if the camera movement is sloppy and restrictive.

QuickSnooker DDemo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
QuickSnooker DDemo - You must first break the balls before you can start scoring points.QuickSnooker DDemo - The score is constantly displayed on the screen.QuickSnooker DDemo - It is possible to adjust how much power you put into the shot.QuickSnooker DDemo - screenshot #4QuickSnooker DDemo - screenshot #5QuickSnooker DDemo - screenshot #6QuickSnooker DDemo - screenshot #7

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