QuadQuest II 1.02.27

A sequel to the turn-based strategy adventure game from Dataware in which you play four quests.

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QuadQuest IIQuadQuest IIQuadQuest II
QuadQuest II is a sequel to the turn-based strategy adventure game from Dataware in which you play four quests. As with the first QuadQuest, each quest has its own hero, but you choose the five party members that will accompany the hero. Battle more than 100 different enemies in medieval, mythical lands. Select from more than 100 different items when equipping your party. The game play is the same for the two QuadQuests, but this one has four new quests!

To begin, select the quest you would like to complete. You will then be presented with an introduction to the story as well as a map indicating where the story takes place.

Your next task is to pick the genie that will accompany you are your quest. Either one will be fine since they perform the some job. Next, you will want to select your party members. You can choose from a premade party or make your own custom party. The easiest, fastest way to get started is to choose a premade party, but if you want more control, make your own.

You will now be presented with the genie's services. Buy equipment and items for your party, train for the battle ahead, and get advice.

You can then read about the first chapter in the story. It will tell you what is happening. After you finish reading, select OK to begin the battle.
You will begin with it being your turn. Take a look at the entire area by scrolling the screen to see where the enemies are located in reference to your party so you can determine what you want to do next so you can find and eliminate all of them.

Begin your turn by selecting one of your party members which is highlighted with a white square. You will then be given the various actions that you can perform with that selected party member. Your most basic actions to perform are to move and to attack (either with a weapon or with magic). But other actions may be needed to complete the battle. See the “Playing the Game” section of this help file for details on these actions.

Select each of your remaining party members until you have performed an action with each of them. You can also select End Turn (located on the left side of the screen) at any time if there are party members that you do not want to perform any actions during that turn. When you have completed your turn by either performing an action with each party member or by selecting End Turn, the enemy will take its turn.

After the enemy takes its turn, it will then be your turn again. You and the enemy will alternate taking turns until either you have defeated the enemy or the enemy has defeated your party.

When you have defeated all the enemies and opened all the treasure boxes, the genie will again offer services to you. Resupply your party and get any necessary training and advice. Then proceed to the remaining battles that take place in the story.

Last updated on June 25th, 2013


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