Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup

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Play a casual game of golf on a volcanic island as a bear, a little girl or even Santa

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Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup is a casual golfing game that takes you on a course that is built on a volcanic island which lies somewhere in the middle of an ocean. The game aims to continue the first title, Polar Golfer, and along with a new golfing location, it brings a set of new characters to the mix.

Basic graphics and gameplay that won’t put up much of a fight

Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup is a game that will hold your hand throughout the entire experience. Every round of golf that you start leaves you already aiming in the right direction so basically all you have to do is hit the ball with the recommended force.

To some extent, apart from choosing your character, Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup pretty much plays itself. This can be both a good thing or a bad thing depending on how casual you want this game to be. Your only tough decisions will be whether to change the trajectory of the ball to get that bonus circle or not, which in most cases already is in the direction your ball is already set to go.

A game about golf but not a golf simulator

Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup really has nothing to do with the challenges of an actual golf game. For example, there is no wind to take into consideration, not irons to swap and the physics are just bad.

A golf ball only goes down a slope the way it’s meant to only when you’re close to putting it. And even then, on an almost horizontal plane the ball might go totally wrong. Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup is mostly there for you to enjoy playing as a polar bear, a small girl or even Santa.

Not really worth the money or your time

On a closing note, Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup is built a good deal of years back and it’s fairly outdated when it comes to graphics, gameplay and effects.

Polar Golfer Pineapple Cup was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 8th, 2015
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