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Host Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker servers and organize tournaments with players from all over the world

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Playing poker is quite the rush most of the time, because you must depend both on luck and on your skills as a player, to calculate your true odds at winning the hand. However, the Internet makes it much easier to just concentrate on the actual game, because you do not have to put on your poker face when you are alone in your room. Hence, the phenomenon is starting to become quite widespread and popular all over the world.

Host your very own poker servers

Poker Mavens is an application that allows you to host poker servers and invite your friends for a bit of cyber gambling, wherever they might be. Not only that, but the tool comes packed with a variety of other features as well, which help you control every aspect of the game. However, don’t expect anything too complex either, because the graphics are rather basic and the application is mostly aimed at amateur players.

To start with, creating a server is pretty straightforward and you only need to enter a few parameters, such as your IP address and various other details. Obviously, the server can be password protected, in order to only allow those who know the code to join the tables. Encryption and a few other security measures are available as well, in case you want to make sure that no one takes advantage of your connection.

Organize tournaments and manage users

The application also provides you with the possibility to create tournaments and let the players compete against each other in multiple matches. As such, you can keep track of the number hands being played, the start time of each round, as well as a variety of other statistics. The actual users can be managed too, because you are free to choose who gets kicked off the server.

Interface-wise, you don’t need a lot of server knowledge to run the tool in normal circumstances, although a networking background can come in handy if you want to toy with some of the more advanced functions. In essence, it only takes a few clicks to get a server running, but a bit more expertise is required in order to customize various parameters and tweak a thing or two.

A solid piece of software for poker enthusiasts

All things considered, Poker Mavens is mostly dedicated to people who want to get together with friends and enjoy a game of Texas Hold’em or Omaha over the Internet. Hence, the application is not complex enough to start something more than a friendly match with your pals, which in this case happens to be a good thing.

Poker Mavens was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Poker Mavens - The server details can be easily edited by accessing the System tab.Poker Mavens - A list of all the currently available games is displayed in the Ring Games tab.Poker Mavens - You also have the option to start tournaments and host them for your friends.Poker Mavens - screenshot #4Poker Mavens - screenshot #5Poker Mavens - screenshot #6

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