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Use skill and intuition in order to clear the board in this colorful and exciting arcade game

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Simple arcade games are designed to be enjoyed whenever you feel like trying something less demanding than what the industry usually throws at you. Hence, the gameplay mechanics are obvious and simple to understand, while the difficulty level depends on how much fun you are willing to sacrifice. On the other hand, some of these arcade games have managed to become incredibly popular over the years, in spite of their simplicity.

Destroy all the orange blocks in the level

Peggle Nights Deluxe provides you with a very entertaining adventure, one that challenges you to use forethought and skill in order to clear the levels. While the underlying idea is deceivingly simple and obvious, there are many layers you can take plunge into and complicate things as much as you wish. Not only that, but the game even encourages you to do so, by rewarding you with additional points.

As such, your main purpose is to clear all the orange dots and blocks from the level, by bouncing a ball from one to the other. There are other blocks as well, which although reward you with fewer points, they can be used in your strategy most of the time. Speaking of which, you have a limited number of balls you can use, unless you manage to hit the sliding hole at the bottom of the level.

Receive amazing bonuses and hunt the high score

The game feels a lot like a combination between Pinball and Breakout, although it is quite original in some regards as well. Hence, the gameplay is quite fast-paced and disorienting most of the time, although you can get used to it after a bit of practice. Not only that, but the fact that each shot needs to be calculated adds a lot to the atmosphere, not to mention the fact that you can count on luck as well in some cases.

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, everything was designed to be as responsive and as smooth as possible, especially the controls and the collision system. Thus, the ball reacts realistically and intuitively to any bump and hit as it descends. Furthermore, the graphics engine goes on steroids every time you manage to finish the level, with more than enough fireworks, explosions and rainbows to congratulate you.

Consistent replay value and plenty of fun

All in all, Peggle Nights Deluxe hit the jackpot when it comes to the right combination of gameplay elements and mechanics. Thanks to that, it’s easier than ever to get lost in the game for hours, while doing your best to bounce a ball between colorful blocks with accuracy.

Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 10th, 2015
Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - The first few levels are not very difficult, but they are still tricky.Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - Each consecutive hit rewards you with additional points.Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - The game goes wild with explosions once you hit the last orange dot.Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - screenshot #4Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - screenshot #5Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - screenshot #6Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - screenshot #7Peggle Nights Deluxe Demo - screenshot #8

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