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Escape the mazes before the mummy catches up with you in this addictive puzzle game

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Mummy Maze Deluxe is no longer supported, so it is now impossible to purchase the application. Nonetheless, you can still download it from Softpedia and use it with the limitations listed on this page.

The Egyptian pyramids are subject to a wide variety of interesting theories, even if they are apparently nothing more than extravagant tombs for wealthy pharaohs. However, the customs and traditions from that era are too strange not to give birth to some weird myths, such as the mummies that come back to life and haunt those who disturb their resting place.

Escape vicious mummies and solve the mazes

Mummy Maze Deluxe is a puzzle game in which your goal is to navigate a series of mazes, in order to find the best route to the exit and avoid the menacing mummies hunting you. It is of vital importance that you find a way to trick the mummies into getting stuck, because your character moves much slower than the putrefied corpses, for some reason. Hence, it’s a real challenge to think of a proper way to escape.

The gameplay mechanics are quite facile and simple to understand, because all you need to do is click on the map in the direction you want your explorer to move. The mummy tries to mimic your movement, so you have to pay attention to your surroundings before taking a step. Obviously, the levels get more difficult later on, up to the point where you really have to plan ahead and try to avoid any mistakes.

Undo your steps and try to move as fast as possible

Since it can be stressful to redo an entire level because of a mistake, the game allows you to simply undo the last step whenever you realize that it was a bad decision. This way, you can easily base your strategy on trial and error, although that kind of defeats the purpose. Even so, you can get stuck on some of the stages, because there’s usually only one route you can take to get to the exit in one piece.

The game rewards your speed, on the other hand, so it’s also a good idea not to lose too much time staring at the screen. Depending on how long you take to finish a stage, you are awarded a certain number of points, which makes the stages replayable if you want to increase your score. On the other hand, the novelty wears off after you manage to finish them once.

Good graphics and simple controls

In the end, Mummy Maze Deluxe can be quite the brain teaser if you are into puzzle games. However, the environments get repetitive after a while, especially since nothing really changes along the way, except for the layout of the maze.

Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - There are multiple game modes to choose from, including a tutorial mode.Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - Each maze poses a different challenge, and you must find the best route.Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - The goal is to reach the exit without getting caught.Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - screenshot #4Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - screenshot #5Mummy Maze Deluxe Demo - screenshot #6

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