Moorhuhn Remake

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Shoot down all the chicken as fast as you can so that you can get a high score.




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Five years after the first release of the Original Moorhuhn Hunt hunter and prey return to the very beginning: the game offers a remake of the popular Fun-Shooter with modern graphics, better animations and new music.

The successful gameplay remains the same: aim, shoot chicken from the sky and reload. Before the release of the very first "Moorhuhn" game, the world was more or less alright: office breaks were simply for recreation and almost no one was interested in unimpressive poultry that spent a more or less peaceful life in the high moors of Scotland.

But then the year 2000 arrived and the Original Moorhuhn Hunt hit German retail after an impressive odyssey through the internet. Since then every computer job has become a potential hunting ground. Who could ever forget the headlines in the daily newspapers in which numerous bosses complained about the steadily rising lack of discipline among their employees.... One button push, 90 seconds and eight shots per magazine: the small pleasures in life are so simple!

Last updated on June 4th, 2009
Moorhuhn RemakeMoorhuhn RemakeMoorhuhn RemakeMoorhuhn Remake

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