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Anthropomorphic bunnies fight each other to the death using martial arts and all sorts of melee weapons

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Martial arts may have been devised for self-defense, but people still use them to inflict pain on others without any reason. They require patience and discipline in order to be practiced right, which is why it takes a few years for someone to learn the basics and get a hold on most of the techniques. On the other hand, video games only require you to learn a few key combinations, and no one actually gets hurt in the process.

Rabbits fighting each other to the death

Lugaru is more of an experiment than an actual complete video game, because it barely features any kind of environments, while the story is just there to explain the sudden map changes. Other than that, everything is barren and devoid of attention, except for the fighting mechanics. In this regard, you can pretty much lose yourself trying to find all the moves and possible combos.

The main character’s name is Turner, and he is a rabbit with anthropomorphic attributes, such as the fact that he walks on two legs. To make matters more interesting, he is also gifted when it comes to martial arts, since he can perform a wide variety of intricate techniques. Hence, after a group of savage bunnies kill his family and decimates his village, Turner goes on a rampage for revenge.

Block attacks and use melee weapons

The goal of the gameplay is to inflict as much damage as you can before the enemies get a chance to do the same to you. The combat is reflex-based, which means that you must pay attention to the moves of your enemies in order to counter them. However, you can also attack first, although the other rabbits have the ability to block and counter your techniques as well.

In addition, knives and various other weapons are available as well, which can be used to quickly inflict a lot of damage. You can also throw them at the enemies, in case you don’t want to risk getting too close. Speaking of which, stealth is part of the gameplay as well, because you usually have the possibility to take your enemies by surprise and perform sneak attacks.

A lot of fun and even more violence

All things considered, Lugaru may be a bit too bloody and silly sometimes, but the combat mechanics are just too addictive to let go of the game. Hence, if you do not mind the ridiculous setting and the lack of attention to anything else but the combat, this may prove to be a fun way to spend a few hours.

Lugaru Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
Lugaru Demo - The game's main menu is quite simple and to the point.Lugaru Demo - You can try the tutorial first, in order to learn how to fight.Lugaru Demo - Everything starts in Turner's home village, where his friends are.Lugaru Demo - screenshot #4Lugaru Demo - screenshot #5Lugaru Demo - screenshot #6Lugaru Demo - screenshot #7Lugaru Demo - screenshot #8Lugaru Demo - screenshot #9Lugaru Demo - screenshot #10Lugaru Demo - screenshot #11Lugaru Demo - screenshot #12Lugaru Demo - screenshot #13Lugaru Demo - screenshot #14Lugaru Demo - screenshot #15Lugaru Demo - screenshot #16

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