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Analyzes the previous drawings and picks the best lottery numbers to play.

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Lotto Pro is a piece of software that is designed to analyze Lottery winning numbers from a good deal of years back to generate various types of statistics based on them with the goal of suggesting those might be future winners. The application is designed to be accessible to all kinds of people and for this reason it’s delivered with a user-friendly interface and tons of built-in help.

Generate a large number of detailed statistics for multiple Lotteries

Lotto Pro provides the means to analyze and generate charts for number statistics, drawing summary, skip and hit, hit sequence, repeating pairs and repeating triples. Moreover, you also get to create frequency and drawing summary graphs.

In essence these are easy to read because they are provided in clear and explicit lists but you do have to know your way around how the lottery works and a few more details for it all to make sense. Lotto Pro offers a very large amount of information to use but its interpretation and how you use it in your favor, it all comes down to your judgment. In short, Lotto Pro will not win you the lottery, but it can certainly help.

Keep things updated quickly and easily

Lotto Pro contains a large number of game types that are carried out all around the world on all continents. Keeping this information up to date can be done manually but since that’s way too much work, the application has a feature that allows it to automatically download and update all the newest winning numbers.

This way, no matter where you are, you will always have the most accurate statistics that the app can generate.

Create possibly winning tickets with a few clicks

Apart from analyzing results, number repetition, value and various parameters, Lotto Pro can also create some tickets which you can use. This is done with a few clicks and in a matter of seconds you have several ticket suggestions that might be what you’re looking for.

So, if plain luck hasn’t done you any good in the recent years, then you can maybe help it out a bit by using Lotto Pro.

Lotto Pro was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
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