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Match blocks that look the same by pushing the lines both vertically and horizontally

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Simple puzzles games do not have to do an awful lot in order to be successful, because the challenge of getting it right is usually enough to keep the players interested. Hence, if you are on the lookout for something to keep your mind sharp, then it doesn’t really matter how nice the visuals are, or how revolutionary the gameplay mechanics happen to be.

Match the blocks together and pay attention to every move

LinesPush is about as simple as it can get when it comes to puzzle games, because all you have to do is match same-colored blocks together and gain as many points as possible. However, it’s definitely not as easy as you might think, because the number of correct moves is quite limited and the game can end quickly if you do not pay enough attention.

On the other hand, the interface is a tad too simple and unpolished, because everything looks like it was drawn and framed using Paint and only half a monitor. It can be difficult to find the thing you are looking for, especially when it comes to the settings. The entire thing is made even more annoying by the broken English that plagues the interface, in case it wasn’t difficult enough to find what you were looking for.

A variety of different themes to decorate the board

In case you get bored of the digits, the game allows you to change the blocks to a variety of other things, including flowers, fruit, butterflies, and a couple of other such examples. The entire board can also be customized when it comes to colors, although the available shades are way too lifeless to make it worth the bother anyway.

When it comes to gameplay, all you have to do is use the mouse in order to push the lines either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you want to position the blocks. However, there are many problems with the algorithm governing the tiles, because you often find yourself with no solution whatsoever, regardless of how you move the blocks. Hence, luck has a lot to do with it as well, which is never a good thing in a game that theoretically encourages logical thinking.

Fill a boring afternoon with this game

All things considered, LinesPush is not exactly something you would want to play unless there’s really nothing better you can get your hands on. However, if you do end up playing it, the experience can be moderately fun for a short while, as long as you keep an open mind and you don’t ask for much from your video games.

LinesPush Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on April 4th, 2015
LinesPush Demo - The main window of the game displays the available options and a scoreboard.LinesPush Demo - Your main goal is to match 4 or more blocks of the same type.LinesPush Demo - There are plenty of settings you can customize.LinesPush Demo - screenshot #4LinesPush Demo - screenshot #5LinesPush Demo - screenshot #6LinesPush Demo - screenshot #7

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