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A good looking racing game that features randomized tracks and plenty of driving freedom

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Island Racer is one conflicting game when it comes to forming an opinion about it. It’s a racing game that offers a good deal of variety and randomized tracks but lacks in other key aspects that define the genre.

The good part is made out of the graphics and track layout

In Island Racer tracks can be randomly generated which means that you’ll never get to drive on the same road twice. It’s really good, especially when you want to play against another person. You do get predefined tracks, and you can opt for some features to be applied to the randomized ones. All of this is part of the good that goes into the game and makes it worth a shot.

More so, there is a good deal of variety when it comes to the cars, how they handle and how they look. Visually, Island Racer runs smooth and features good graphics for an indie game. Even the world you race in feels rich and engaging.

The bad comes from the lack of polishing

On the other side of the scale, the bad has its fair share if entries. For one, the car engine sounds are terrible, and that’s unpleasant when you want to race on off-road tracks. Also, you can add the tire skid mark sounds into the gruesome category.

The cars handle remarkably well if you’re into the drifting and power sliding aspects of racing. However, car collision and general physics are rather off and do make the game feel more of an arcade title than an actual racing game.

With the good and the bad side to side, it’s still a decent game

To wrap it up, Island Racer is overall, a decent game. The graphics are nice and the gameplay is fun. Certainly the randomized tracks bit is appealing but unfortunately you won’t get the racing feel with this one.

Also, get ready for the most annoying demo mechanic ever. You get just over 1:20 seconds of racing on any track. If you want more, you have to restart the race, but you still get just 1 minute and 20 seconds of game time… that’s severely annoying.

Island Racer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 12th, 2015
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